Tracking People’s Daily — Dec. 14, 2020

  • “In many cases, profound truths need to be conveyed visually and in a way of telling stories to move and persuade people. To tell the story of China’s fight against the epidemic, we first need to solve the problem of what we want to tell, clarify how we can combine what we want to say with what the audience wants to hear, and integrate what the audience wants to hear into what we want to tell.”
  • “Tell the story of leaving home and returning home,” i.e., the tales of heroism of medical professionals, security personnel and so on leaving their loved ones behind the fight the pandemic.
  • “To tell the story of solidarity and cooperation, it is necessary to tell the story of the Chinese people thinking in one heart and moving toward each other, and also tell the story of the joint fight against the epidemic between China and foreign countries, and show the moving of China and other countries to help each other and overcome the difficulties.”
  • Wu ends with talking about how “We must tell the story of disaster relief in the fight against the epidemic, and convey the truth, goodness and beauty through vivid stories and examples, and spread positive energy.”
  • “Technological innovation is the foundation for a country to become prosperous and strong, and it is the way to win in international competition. Self-reliance in science and technology is our strategic choice…”
  • He adds: “To provide more high-level scientific and technological innovation supplies, break through key core technology bottlenecks, and promote rapid and large-scale application of new technologies and iterative upgrades. There is an urgent need to establish a scientific and technological innovation system and mechanism suitable for this, and to combine China’s accumulated strong scientific and technological strength with the institutional advantages of concentrating efforts on major events have been transformed into the “muscles and bones” that support national development and the “internal forces” of international competition.”
  • “The world’s major innovative countries are accelerating the adjustment and reconstruction of scientific research organization systems, establishing a management structure that adapts to the development of emerging science and technology, and striving to gain an advantage in the new round of technological competition.”




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