Tracking People’s Daily — Dec. 8, 2020

He adds that “Western monopoly on international affairs is unsustainable, and the international affairs of emerging market countries and developing countries. Their status and right to speak continue to improve…Some developed countries, represented by the United States, are unwilling to lose their dominance and control of the international system. They frequently use their monopoly financial and technological power to contain developing countries and adjust international economic and trade rules to protect their own interests. The international economic and political landscape is volatile, global governance issues are becoming increasingly complex, and global crises continue to challenge human society.”

Then this: “China has never been so close to the center of the world stage as it is today, and the Chinese nation has never been so close to the goal of great rejuvenation. This is a great achievement won through so many struggles and sacrifices, hardships and sufferings, and must be cherished. Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on the basis of socialist modernization is in the highest interest of the party and the people, and we must unswervingly and overcome all difficulties to make continuous progress toward this established goal. Any major risk challenge that may delay or interrupt the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation must be unambiguously prevented and properly resolved.” This sounds like an endorsement of the current round of aggressive diplomacy.



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