Tracking People’s Daily — Dec. 9, 2020

Third, you’ve got a Zhong Sheng commentary critical of the US government’s new travel restrictions on CCP members. It says, “this is a violent act of some extreme anti-China forces in the United States that have escalated political suppression of China out of strong ideological prejudice and deep-rooted Cold War mentality.” Here’s more: “Some American politicians vainly tried to discredit the Communist Party of China and suppress its members. They are enemies of the 1.4 billion Chinese people…At present, some American politicians are trying to decouple the United States from China, which accounts for one-fifth of the world’s population. This behaviour is decoupled from the world and decoupled from the future.”

Guo Weimin, member of the Ministerial Conference of the Central Propaganda Department and deputy director of the State Council Information Office: “Chinese brands are an important window for the world to understand China and an important component of national image and cultural soft power. In the face of efforts by some international forces to discredit, attack and suppress, Chinese companies have taken active actions to tell the story of China’s fight against the epidemic in a variety of ways, spread China’s new development concepts, and use facts and truths to fight back and make positive contributions. Chinese enterprises should consciously build their own image and integrate them into the overall image of the country, and give full play to their advantages to help enhance the image of the country.”



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