Tracking People’s Daily — July 24, 2020

  • The CR929 long-range wide-body passenger aircraft project.
  • The Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a road map for cooperation in various fields last year. According to this roadmap, Chinese and Russian scientists are conducting joint research and joint experiments in deep sea resources, geographic information systems, neuroscience and other fields. For example, the laser joint laboratory opened in Shanghai is one of the results of the cooperation.
  • There’s a Sino-Russian Mathematical Center set up between Moscow University and Peking University.
  • Changchun University of Technology and St. Petersburg State University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics jointly launched a master’s degree education program in optical engineering.
  • There’s a new Sino-Russian joint campus jointly built by Harbin Institute of Technology and St. Petersburg State University in June.
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is cooperating with genetic experts from the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to explore new technologies that combine cell therapy and genome editing.
  • “China thanks the Latin American and Caribbean countries for their active support, and appreciates the open attitude of Latin America in developing international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic. The Latin American side affirmed China’s decisive anti-epidemic measures and achieved remarkable results, and thanked China for its cooperation and strong support.”
  • “We call for maintaining the stability and smoothness of the global industrial chain and supply chain, and support the construction of a universal, open, non-discriminatory, equal, inclusive, and rule-based multilateral trading system.”




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