Tracking People’s Daily — Oct. 12, 2020

  • The approval matters concerning the conversion of agricultural land, other than permanent basic farmland that can be authorized by the State Council, to construction land shall be entrusted to the Shenzhen Municipal Government for approval.
  • Improve the residence permit system, encourage the expansion of the scope of public services, improve service standards based on actual conditions, and steadily promote the full coverage of the permanent population of basic public services.
  • Support the development of internal closed pilot tests of digital renminbi, and promote the R&D application and international cooperation of digital renminbi.
  • Support the construction of a data platform in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, study and demonstrate the establishment of a data trading market or rely on existing trading venues to carry out data transactions.
  • Carry out pilot projects for the legal protection of new types of intellectual property rights…and establish a punitive compensation system for intellectual property infringement.
  • Support the exploration of the establishment of standards for the identification of “high-tech and high-end talents” for foreigners, and provide qualified foreigners with R visas and facilitate entry and exit. Provide convenience for qualified foreign high-level talents to apply for permanent residence.
  • Under the premise of complying with relevant national policies and regulations, support Shenzhen to introduce high-quality overseas educational resources and carry out high-level Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools.




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Manoj Kewalramani

Manoj Kewalramani

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